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Children from the age of 6 discover words, sounds and rhythms through play. Children can opt for an introductory course in music only or for a cross-disciplinary introductory course. This means that they can try out ‘music’ in combination with one or more other disciplines.  Academies often offer the ‘Music’ and ‘The Art of the Word - Drama’ combination.

This introductory course is not compulsory to start the course as of the age of 8. No assessments are carried out for this age group.

Children from the age of 8 learn the basic principles of music. They learn to understand musical notation and to read, write and produce notes. The also choose an instrument (violin, guitar, percussion, trumpet, piano, etc.) or they take singing lessons.

From the age of 12  you explore the possibilities of your instrument in a particular genre. You choose classical music, jazz-pop-rock, early music or electronic music. You learn to play alone and in a group. Would you like to write music yourself? In that case, you learn the basics of this, as well.

The performing musician or creative musician options are open to adolescents from the age of 15. You choose whether you want to perform existing music (= playing or singing) or to create new music yourself. The creative musician option includes the accompanist and group musician courses plus composition or music theory, acoustics/recording techniques, arranging and singer-songwriting.

Adults without previous training (from the age of 15) take a course aimed specifically at adults. You learn the basic principles of music and you learn to play an instrument right away.

Conditions of admission may apply for the disciplines of Music, Word and Dance. Contact the academy for more information.

Consult the School Seeker for details of the courses on offer at the academies.