What is DKO?

This translation is a brief summary of the text in Dutch. The full version is available in Dutch.

Artistic courses in your free time

Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs (DKO - part-time art education) is an  artistic training course that you follow in your free time. DKO is not the same as compulsory education: art in secondary school or higher education. It is a training course that you follow in your free time as a child (aged 6 and over), an adolescent or an adult. 

Wide choice

Students have a wide range of courses in artistic disciplines to choose from. Institutions that teach the performing arts (music-word-dance) are often referred to as music schools, music academies or dance schools. Those that focus on visual and audiovisual arts are sometimes known as drawing schools or drawing academies.

DKO as a hobby

For some children, adolescents and adults, DKO is a ‘hobby’ that they do in their free time.

DKO as preparation for higher education in art

For children and adolescents wishing to study art after secondary school, DKO also provides sound and often necessary preparation for the entrance exams to higher education in art. This applies above all for the disciplines of Music and Dance.

DKO as training or further training for artists

For adults, some DKO courses have a direct goal in the employment market. These include such professions as jewellery designer or carillonneur. Other DKO courses are of interest to those involved in amateur arts. In some cases, professional artists perfect their skills in their specialist field via DKO.