Samenwerkingsplatform Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs Brussel

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The Samenwerkingsplatform Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs Brussel (SDKO - part-time art education cooperation platform) is a non-profit association of and for part-time art education in Brussels. The SDKO serves as an umbrella body for the Dutch-language academies in Brussels and provides an overview of all these institutions. The SDKO defends and promotes the interests of the academies in the name of the academies and/or the principals, and mediates where necessary. The SDKO can put forward possibilities, report problems and recruit active partners on behalf of the principals.

The principals of the 11 Dutch-language academies in Brussels sit on the SDKO board.

Members of the press and organisations can contact the SDKO if they have any questions:
Dapperheidsplein 17
1070 Anderlecht